Soy Cubano, yo soy de Oriente explains what i am and where my roots are.....
Speaking of Roots, i started with dancing Salsa Clasica in 2007 (it was named at this time like that) and developed an Addiction to Latin Music which got me by Chance to lay the Decks in the Club El Dorado after BailaViena 2010.

Cubano Salsa was the first Latino Rythm i fell in Love with.

Due to playing for SalsaVienna and the influence of DJ Gringo i started to open up and diversify the Kind of Latin Styles i lay on the Deckz.

It´s a Task to make all the People happy on the Dance Floor and i know i just started yet.
It is also impossible to satisfy 100 % but if the DJ scores a 80-95 % Percentage well then go figure.....

If you want a special song do not hesitate to come over to me and ask me to play it, if i got it i will play it asap it fits into my Set.

See you


Hear you on the Dance Floor B-)



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